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Bricks and Mortar

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May 09

Today (5/9/2011) on CNN there is a story titled "Faith unshaken by tornado." The CNN reporter said that while searching for the perfect panoramic shot of the destruction casued by the Tornado in Tuscaloosa, Alabama his attention was drawn by the sound of organ music. Following the sound he found a church, battered but still standing amid the rubble and inside a small group of believers had gathered. You can watch the video interview at

the one statement from the video that the reposrter includes in the small article is this: "the church is more than just bricks and mortar." -Joe Southern.

I think that Joe is right that the church is more than bricks and mortar. The question I want to ask this week is: If the church is more than just bricks and mortar, what is the church? Take a moment to post a reply here on the website and while you're at it pause to offer a prayer for the people who are just beginning to rebuild after the tornadoes.


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